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Conviviality - the art and practice of living together
Implications for Work and Economy

A new paper from the Cardijn Verein


New Publications

Towards a Convivial Economy
A new report from the Lutheran World
Federation by Tony Addy


Seminar Reports

Vasteras - Linz Seminar
How is a Good Life for all in Europe Possible?
Report Available

Debt(s) – Forgiveness – Liberation:  
Debt as a weapon of death - theology for life

Schuld(en) – (Er) Lösung – Befreiung:  
Schulden als Waffe – Theologie zum Leben?

Liberating Theology for Acton



Here you can download the Spring 2015 Cardijn Verein eNews:

Here you can download the Cardijn Verein eNews: