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Political Theology Seminar:

‘living together’
Critique & alternatives to the division of society

Linz, 23 - 25 April 2020


Registration Form:



CABLE Knowledge Development Seminar

Helsinki 26 - 29 Sept 2018


Lebensentwurf 4.0 - Jugendforschungsseminar

Junge Menschen am Rande der Gesellschaft
Linz, 30 Jan 2018


Wie ist gutes Leben in Europa für alle möglich?
Diakonale und theologische Herausforderungen
Linz, 19 & 20 Jänner, 2017



International Seminar
'Innovative Learning for Community Based Action'
Linz, 8th - 9th March 2016

If you are involved in learning programmes for local diaconal, pastoral or youth work this seminar offers:

  • an experiential and participatory workshop
  • a seminar sharing innovative methods of training and learning for professional workers, volunteers and activists, service users and resident groups etc
  • sharing and learning about service models and theological reflection

The Cardijn Association invites people from across Europe who are engaged with learning programmes to this seminar and workshop



Download the Seminar Invitation Here:

Download the Short Invitation Here:

Download the Registration Form Here:





Debt(s) – Forgiveness - Liberation
Debt as a weapon of death - theology for life

Debt(s) and forgiveness (release) are central themes and concepts not only for theology but also for economy and they have high actual relevance

Many initiatives are searching for new ways

  • What are the central dynamics of the economy?
  • What encouragement comes from practice and theology?

The Cardijn Association invites people from across Europe who are engaged
with debt issues to participate in an international ecumenical seminar.

Liberating Faith for action...

...an International Ecumenical Seminar

The 'Cardijn Verein' invites all who are actively engaged, as workers or volunteers, on the consequences of the economic crisis, to a seminar in Linz, Austria, 19th - 22nd September 2013


More information about the seminar can be found here:

The programme of the Seminar is here:

The registration form for the Seminar is here: